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East High Scales - China Scale Manufacturer, China Scale Factory, Scale Suppliers
Easthigh scales for any weighing application

East High Scales - a professional scale manufacturer, located in the city of Nanjing China,is your strategic outsourcing partner for Quality Weighing Scales.

East High is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 certified. With a 250,000 square foot manufacturing facility, we supply a wide range of scales, such as industrial scales, commercial scales, medical scales, shipping scales,lab scales and household scales.

We produce and manufacture under customer OEM brand, under our own brand Measuretek, as well we develop unique customer ODM projects.

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Featured products

EHC-PF Price Computing Scale EHI-E1 Weighing Indicator PSE Electronic Bench Scale

Legal for Trade: OIML, EC type, NTEP and MC approval
Capacity: 3kgx1g ~ 50kgx20g
Rugged ABS housing with large stainless steel platter

NTEP / MC /OIML approved
Up to 100,000 display resolution
With RS232, USB interfaces

Capacity: 15kgx5g ~ 60kgx20g
Legal for Trade model: NTEP, MC
Cast Alum. base

EL Beam Physician Scale EH-MH Wheelchair Scale EH-HS Handrail Physician Scale

Capacity: 200kgx100g ~ 220kgx100g
Mechanical type with high precision lever system
Die-cast aluminum beam

Capacity: 300kgx0.1kg ~ 500kgx0.2kg
OIML approved
Mild steel base with built-in ramps

Capacity: 300kgx0.1kg
OIML approved
Low profile powder coated mild steel platform (2.5” high)

EH-AMS Platform Scale EH-AMC Platform Scale ECS-B Floor Scale

Capacity: 60kgx0.02kg ~ 500kgx0.2kg
OIML approved
Low profile (2.56”) mild steel understructure with stainless steel platform
Wide variety of capacity & size range...

Capacity: 500kgx0.2kg ~ 1500kgx0.5kg
Constructed with mild steel base and tread plate platform
Wide variety of capacity & size available

Capacity: 1000kgx0.2kg ~ 2200kgx0.5kg
Powder coated mild steel base with tread plate platform
Wide welding channel support

PS-101 Parcel Scale PS-103U Shipping Scale PS-105 Parcel Scale

Capacity: 60kgx0.02kg ~ 182kgx0.1kg
4 point aluminum loadcell
Punched steel base with stainless steel platform

Capacity: 68kgx0.1kg ~ 182kgx0.2kg
Four point loadcells
Durable checked steel platform with anti slip surface

Capacity: 30kgx0.005kg ~ 120kgx0.02kg
Single point Alum. loadcell
Stainless steel platform