EL-BS Mechanical Pediatric Scale

EL-BS Mechanical Pediatric Scale
  • Applications:
    Clinics, hospitals and nurseries
  • Construction:
    Heavy duty steel base ensures long time usage
    Precision lever system provides high weighing accuracy
    Large and detachable ABS plastic tray allows weighing babies and children
  • Beam:
    Dual-reading, die-cast aluminum beam
  • Height tape:
    Built-in measuring tape allows user to measure both weight and height simultaneously
    Measuring range: 0-58cm / 0-22.5"


Item Parameter
Model EL-BS
62kgx20g / 135lbx0.25lb
kg, lb
Tray Size 610x420mm / 24"x16.5"   
Measuring Tape   0-58cm / 0-22.5"
Scale Dimension 610x545x686mm / 24"x21.5"x27"
Packing Size
Ship Weight
G.W.: 16kg    N.W.: 15kg
Approvals FDA, ISO13485

Product Brochure

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