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EL Beam Physician Scale

EL Beam Physician Scale
  • Applications:
    Clinics, hospitals and nurseries, sports use
  • Load cell:
    single point Alum. load cell makes resolution up to 1/30,000
  • Construction:
    Heavy duty steel base for stable and previse weighing experience
    Durable steel lever system provides long using life
    Removable anti-slip plastic base cover for easy cleaning
    Built-in transport castors for easy mobility
    Optional adajustable feet, leveling bubble, beam fixator, handpost
  • Beam:
    Eye-level, easy-to-read die-cast aluminum dual beaml
  • Height rod:
    Retractable square aluminum height rod
    Silent slide for comfortable height measuring
    Measuring range: 60-212cm / 23"-83"

    Item Parameters
    Model EL-502    EL-503 
    Capacity EL-502: 200kgx100g / 440lbx0.25lb
    EL-503: 220kgx100g / 490lbx0.25lb
    Units kg, lb
    Platform Size 375x275mm / 14.75"x10.8"
    Measuring Tape 60-212cm / 23"-83"
    Scale Dimension 436.5x530x1484.5mm / 17.19"x10.87"x58.44"
    Packing Size. 1510x515x160mm/1pc/ctn G.W.: 19kg N.W.: 17kg
    Approvals FDA, ISO13485
    Options Adjustable feet, level bubble, beam fixator and handpost


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