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Polishing Stainless Steel Weights

Polishing Stainless Steel Weights
  • Non-magnetic stainless steel material
  • Cylindrical shape with a knob on the top for easily handing
  • OIML standard available in E2 ,F1 ,F2 classes
  • Reaching to OIML standards
  • Weight box: ABS plastic box or aluminum box with high-density insert

Weight range       
Single Weight 1mg 10mg 100mg 1g 10g 100g 1kg
2mg 20mg 200mg 2g 20g 200g 2kg
5mg 50mg 500mg 5g 50g 500g 5kg
10kg 20kg
Set Weight Combination 1mg~500mg 1mg~100g 1mg~200g 1mg-500g 1mg-1kg
1mg-2kg 1kg~5kg 1mg~5kg 1mg~10kg

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