2012 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition
The fiery-red May of 2012, when the climate is pleasant and it is the end of Spring and the beginning of the Summer , various kinds of exhibitions are held at home and abroad ,Easthigh participated different exhibitions ,displayed our classics products and introduced some new products, all these made great achievements in communicating with the old and new customers.By participating in the 2012 China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition, we hope more and more customers will know our company and our products as well as work with us.

Interweighing Show was held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center from 11th May to 13th May. This Interweighing show is a professional show held by China Weighing Association. During the show, a wide range of weighing apparatus were displayed and exhibited, such as: new products and new technology designed and developed by companies home and abroad, a variety of weighing apparatus, balance, weighing sensor, displays and controllers and some testing apparatus, indicator, components and material.

    exhibition area

340 weighing manufacturers from 22 provinces and cities across the country and from the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Britain, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Japan, South Korea, India and other countries as well as China's Taiwan and Hong Kong area participated this exhibition.

East High-China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition hall

exhibition area
Exhibition Stand - East High As one of the major participant of this grand show, East High displays various and abundant products including Price Computing Scales,Office/Postal Scales,Medical/Vet Scales,Platform/Floor Scales, Pocket Jewelry Scales,Reload & Gem Scales,Balances,Bench Scales,Portion Control Scales,Medical/Vet Scales,Indicators/Remote Display. Full of crowded people in the booth makes East High spectacular in the show. Our salesman and product manager elaborate the products to the customers with great passion. In the show, electronic balance won abroad favor from the streams of customers.
exhibition stand exhibition stand exhibition stand exhibition stand

Welcome Banquet
As one of the major exhibitor, we held a dinner party with the members of China Weighting Instrument Association during the exhibition, attracts great popularity, good reputation and attention, which enhancing the interaction between us and the customers. Customers enjoyed the performance over the dinner.


Ticket bonus with abundant awards was held during the banquet which made the banquet to ripple climax