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About Us

China Scale Manufacturer, China Scale Factory

China Scale Manufacturer, China Scale Factory
Scale production line

Scale production line
Scale production line

Scale production line

East High was founded in 1998 and is located in the city of Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province. We supply and manufacture a wide range of scales, such as: industrial scales, commercial scales, medical scales, postal scales, lab scales and household scales. We serve globe market for more than 30 countries.
With a 250,000 square feet manufacturing facility, we produce over 15,000 units of scales under customer OEM brands, under our own brand "Measuretek", as well as unique customer ODM projects.
Our factory is ISO9001:2008 and ISO13485 Certified. QC is strictly implemented in all phases of manufacturing from prototypes to finished products.
Our highly experienced R&D team is capable of doing unique projects on software development, circuit and structure design, mold engineering and packaging design. We work closely with customers to develop unique solutions.
We are able to meet various geographical markets and have the ability to offer Legal-for-Trade models for most common approvals, such as OIML, NTEP, Measurement Canada.
We take our responsibilities seriously and with great care for our customerís needs.
East High's mission is to provide high quality products at competitive prices, to maintain technological advantage and to offer innovative scale solutions.

Factory Certifications
ISO9001:2008 ISO13485

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ADD: No.77 Tangtong Road, Hushu Town, Jiangning, Nanjing, China
TEL: +86 - 25 - 87135598, 87135597
FAX: +86 - 25 - 87135595