SP Portable Beam Scale

SP Portable Beam Scale
SP Portable Beam Scale
  • Applications:
    Warehouse, terminal or manufacturing plant
  • Construction:
    Rugged cast iron base, platform and lever system
    With self-aligned hardened steel pivots and "V" bearings
    Four wheels allow easy movement
    Locking screw knob on poise
  • Indicator:
    Nickel plated steel beam with engraved brass insert
    Available in KG and LB weights, easily stored on the lever systm column


Item Parameter
Model SP
kg or lb
Beam Single beam, die-cast aluminum, dual sided beam graduation in .5 lb or .2 kg increments
Counterpoise Weights 100 lb / 45 kg (1), 200 lb / 90 kg (2), 400 lb / 181 kg (1)
Pivots & bearings Precision machined hardened tool steel
Work Temp.
-10C to 40C (14F to 104F)
Platform Size
457.2x609.6mm / 18"x24"
Scale Dimension 917.7x641.3x1092.2mm / 36.13"x25.25"x43"
Paking Size
Weight G.W.: 78kg N.W.: 67.4kg


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